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Prepaid card core system

上市日期: 2013-11-29

For the business, industry prepaid card issuers, receiving institutions to provide prepaid card issuers, prepaid, consumer, return and other core business processing functions of the industry applications.

Product features

User module: manage users in the virtual account system, establish unified user management. Realize the online portal, mobile phone users, the next line terminal, WAP and other channels of centralized authentication, single point platform to achieve a unified portal.

◆Account module: the user's account within the management system, to allocate an account for each user. The main account is used to record and calculate the changes in the general operations of the funds, and the sub accounts are established for special operations.

◆Transaction modules: System in exchange of various types of processing and using on-line, off-line a variety of payment channels and clearing and settlement systems, together to complete the account and the account, the account with the bank card, account and the transfer of funds between the public accounts.

◆Clearing and settlement module: complete account system transaction data clearing and settlement funds processing functions, including inter agency clearing, merchants processing functions, complete settlement of funds account system processing.

◆Access front-end module : for each transaction initiated and access to information collection media.

◆Risk Control module: account system security module, high security, high supervision for the majority of users, to protect the user's financial risk, supervision, etc.

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