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Bus IC card application system

上市日期: 2013-11-29

Bus company as a bus service provider, in the use of IC card system, will greatly facilitate the passengers to ride, to avoid the trouble of change, improve service quality.

Product features 

Bus operations center system is the core of the bus IC card system, responsible for the public transport in all of the bus lines in IC card business management, all IC card transaction data were aggregated to the bus operations center, unified liquidation, and according to the clearing results in between each bus company funds to complete the account.

Product features 

transaction data collection, upload, query, summary, liquidation and reconciliation management

◆Ticket parameters, black list of the parameters of the generation, download and update management

◆The management of vehicle, hand holding, acquisition and other equipment of Bus Enterprises

◆Bus drivers, lines and vehicles management

◆Bus business card management

◆Provide information maintenance and data query functions for bus companies

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