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Key management system

上市日期: 2013-12-16

Key management system functions include: PSAM card, key master card, leadership card, strategy card etc,and generate various certificate, safe and effective for user authentication, Judge the authenticity of the transaction, calculation of transaction authentication codes etc. Can accurately and conveniently made of various density clamp, certificate issuance and validation.

Product features

Support a variety of key systems: compatible with the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of communications, PBOC3.0 specification, resident health card specification.

◆Can be generated in a variety of formats: at the same time to support the generation of standard X.509 certificate and the need to issue financial IC card issuing bank card issuing bank certificate

◆Throughout the encryption technology: all private secret data such as private key encryption data using the way, the whole process of key information does not fall.

◆Certificate parameter items can be configured: customers can according to their own needs, generate their own certificates.

◆The first combination of symmetric and asymmetric key system to achieve efficient integration.

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