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Data analysis system

上市日期: 2014-11-08

City card system in the operation process of accumulated a large number of people travel related data, on the basis of these data, can thoroughly analyze the variation of traffic, through the characteristics and rules of the payments to the cardholder in-depth analysis, to carry out targeted marketing etc. multi business information services and promote more efficient commercial marketing, stimulating consumption.

Product features

Data analysis system extracting data from the city card clearing center library transactions, customer database, bus industry database, rail transit industry database, parking industry database, Internet business database can also be machine crawler from the Internet grab relevant web pages, on the structured and unstructured data for extraction, cleansing, integration, conversion, deposited in HBase database.

Statistical analysis program using a certain algorithm and model through the Hadoop, yarn spark, hive, pig and other reading processing data, to provide users with reference.

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