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Product features◆Support the certificate application and import, to ensure that the transaction data security◆Support issuing parameter settings to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of business card data generation◆Complete user management,different users have different permissions◆Unified management platform template, you can create different templates according to different regions or conditions◆Unified data packet information, provide all card providers to use unified file◆Flexible data packet content definition, you can use different personalized design transaction process data format and data definition
Product features◆Support a variety of key systems: compatible with the Ministry of housing and the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of communications, PBOC3.0 specification, resident health card specification.◆Can be generated in a variety of formats: at the same time to support the generation of standard X.509 certificate and the need to issue financial IC card issuing bank card issuing bank certificate◆Throughout the encryption technology: all private secret data such as private key encryption data using the way, the whole process of key information does not fall.◆Certificate parameter items can be configured: customers can according to their own needs, generate their own certificates.◆The first combination of symmetric and asymmetric key system to achieve efficient integration.
Product features◆Standard clearing process◆Modular and parametric design◆Flexible and timely business development skills◆Multi-mode scheduling method◆Seliable and efficient clearing and settlement processing◆Strict and standard data access management◆perfect and reliable reconciliation error handling
Product features ◆Including the interoperability of business management platform and monitoring platform, service platform, distribution processing platform etc.◆Through the configuration of the parameters of the driver, shielding interface differences, to achieve rapid access to the transaction◆Unified liquidation, to avoid the point of the interconnection of multiple sets of interfaces to meet the difficulty and complexity of capital settlement◆Compatible as the center of the top and regional level. As a regional center to join a larger interconnection platform, the rapid implementation of the card companies in the region to participate in a wider range of interoperability
Product features ◆Include the following services:◆Integrated project management◆Analysis of integrated system framework ◆Selection of software and hardware products
Product features Include the following services: ◆Database system configuration management◆Exception diagnosis and troubleshooting of database system◆Database system check◆Database upgrade service◆Design and evaluation of data backup scheme
Product features Bus operations center system is the core of the bus IC card system, responsible for the public transport in all of the bus lines in IC card business management, all IC card transaction data were aggregated to the bus operations center, unified liquidation, and according to the clearing results in between each bus company funds to complete the account.
Product features ◆Card issuing -in-air Function: card application download;authentication; air personalized.◆Air activation function: enable processing of cards; cards are valid for extended periods.◆The air recharge function (SWP, ESE, etc. )◆Payment order processing◆Support multi carrier access◆Using the distributed service framework Dubbo, lightweight, mainstream, open source, high expansion, easy to maintain
Product features ◆User module: manage users in the virtual account system, establish unified user management. Realize the online portal, mobile phone users, the next line terminal, WAP and other channels of centralized authentication, single point platform to achieve a unified portal. ◆Account module: the user's account within the management system, to allocate an account for each user. The main account is used to record and calculate the changes in the general operations of the funds, and the sub accounts are established for special operations.◆Transaction modules: System in exchange of various types of processing and using on-line, off-line a variety of payment channels and clearing and settlement systems, together to complete the account and the account, the account with the bank card, ...
Product featuresMajor goals include:◆Virtual account management system, the realization of virtual account Internet payment function◆Payment gateway system, to achieve online banking, fast payment, the integration of virtual account◆Portal system and business management system, to achieve the user (personal / business) portal function◆Customer service and risk control system◆Integrated with the existing prepaid card system to achieve the integration of operations
Product featuresData analysis system extracting data from the city card clearing center library transactions, customer database, bus industry database, rail transit industry database, parking industry database, Internet business database can also be machine crawler from the Internet grab relevant web pages, on the structured and unstructured data for extraction, cleansing, integration, conversion, deposited in HBase database.Statistical analysis program using a certain algorithm and model through the Hadoop, yarn spark, hive, pig and other reading processing data, to provide users with reference.
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